Nest Dedications

Save the Sea Turtles

Dedicate a Nest

Sea Turtle Patrol HHI is the only program permitted by the state to monitor sea turtle nests and hatchlings on Hilton Head Island’s 14 miles of beach. Your donation helps fund our organization’s operations while nest dedications spark interest in sea turtles for all generations.

What it includes

Nest Dedication Packet

The recipient you honor with the Sea Turtle Nest Dedication will receive a packet with a certificate announcing the nest number.

General Nest Location

During the 2024 sea turtle nest laying months, which is May 1 thru mid-August, you and the recipient of this dedication will be notified when the nest was laid and its general location on the beach. We are very sorry that we cannot accommodate special requests for a certain nest number or a nest in a specific area of the beach.

Nest Results

By the end of the season, usually in early October, both parties will be notified of all results and statistics from the nest.